As an Online Casino Expert, I bring a unique artistic touch to iGaming, which enriches the IrishLuck team. My journey in this field is relatively new, but my academic background in English Language and Literature from Brunel University in London naturally makes me skilled in the art of writing. This, combined with my genuine passion for all things iGaming, forms the essence of my contribution.

My expertise in the iGaming field is further solidified by my role as a published author of "The Ultimate Ireland Casino and Gambling Handbook," demonstrating my deep knowledge of the subject. At IrishLuck, I use my writing skills to assess online casinos in Ireland, following our comprehensive rating guidelines.

I've successfully merged my love for writing with my passion for iGaming, and my dedication to the Irish team, instead of exploring opportunities with other iGaming teams worldwide, reflects my strong connection to my homeland. Additionally, my enthusiastic support for Ireland's cricket team showcases my love for my home country.

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As a member of the IrishLuck team, I not only take care of the news articles, broadcast articles, and website content, but I also organize Dermot's shorthand content and invented acronyms. My dedication to the team and the iGaming industry in Ireland has kept me relevant and increased the number of readers, resulting in a lot of positive feedback. I have gained a quick understanding of the industry through extensive research and attending various iGaming conferences, including some of the biggest ones in the world. I continuously educate myself on the latest topics, ideas, trends, events, and occurrences in the industry, both domestically and internationally.

In my free time, I enjoy playing cricket and indulging in outdoor activities like go-karting, mountain climbing, and budgeting. During an interview, I shared my love for writing and how being a part of the IrishLuck project has allowed me to write about my passions - Ireland, iGaming, and cricket. Joining the team has increased my learning and interest in the industry. I am dedicated to providing quality content on the site, written in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

I am proud to be a part of the team's growth and to contribute to a non-bias and credible environment for online gamers. Through my writings, I aim to advance players' online gaming experiences. I am excited about the future of the iGaming industry and the role Irishluck. ie will play in it. I believe that young minds in Ireland, like myself, will continue to make their mark and receive the recognition they deserve.


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